Almost like real life…

At least when you look at the final results you might not know the difference. And it was different. Unable to compete in Marseille in the previously scheduled Easter period we turned to some online activities inviting all our present and past Techno293 sailors to take part in the T293 e-Sailing Cup.

The event attracted 164 competitors from 23 countries and 4 continents, which we admit was a challenge to handle online. Each race is restricted to maximum 20 competitors including the host and so we decided to have one day of eliminations and then one day of finals.  

On Wednesday the 15th of April we took off. 9 planned races turned into 12 to let everyone, who had software or hardware difficulties take part in the action. After over 3 hours of online fun we were ready to prepare the seeding lists for the finals, which were scheduled for the next day.

In the finals the fleet now consisted of expert e-sailors and racing on the Star made the event a tactical one. The three semifinals started on time at 19:00 and quickly brought us to the Silver and Gold finals.

So, who took the prizes? Some household names as usual - Fabien Pianazza from France finished just in front of the Italian Nicolo Renna. Third was Jan Szkolnicki from Poland.

The final race, as many in the series, was action packed. And you can see that action in our daily video below ;)

So after 17 races and 5 hours of Virtual Regatta action we have our final Silver and Gold Results

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